Skinnys Supa Deli is a locally owned and operated business that offers great coffee, meats, healthy meals, fresh produce, salads, local honey and more. We are committed to providing the finest meats, cheeses and other specialty food products that you and your family can feel good about. We also sell high performance meats that are low in fat but high in protein for active people, as well as a wide range of gluten-free products.
When you walk through our door, you can be sure that you will be treated with a friendly demeanour. You’ll be greeted with a smile and given courteous service that takes your needs into account. We’ll be glad to help you find any products you may be looking for.
You can also be sure that we carry some of the finest products available, many of which are locally sourced to provide the freshest and most delicious options. You’ll find several ready-made dishes as well, such as healthy meals, juices, salads and coffee from our trained barista.
Stop by to see for yourself what all the fuss is about when it comes to Skinnys Supa Deli in Mount Louisa.
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